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Business Law

Incorporation and Business Organization

Business owners often confront a number of legal issues on an ongoing basis. 

There are many obstacles to overcome from the initial set up and structure of your business to dealing with expansion, financing, and employee contracts.

Shah Law Group PC has a team of professionals that can assist you with Business Advice, Business Acquisitions and Sales, Business Organization, and contracts. 

Partnership Agreements

We prepare Partnership Agreements that protect the business and the financial interest of the business partners. 

These agreements can cover a range of issues from organization and protection of assets to tax liability maximization and methods for alternative dispute resolution.

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder Agreements need to address a critical question, what happens if a shareholder dies, becomes disabled or incapacitated?

How will the business continue? 

Shah law Group PC assists clients by drafting shareholder agreements that answer these fundamental questions.

If you operate a corporation, all of your shareholders should sign a well drafted Shareholder Agreement to govern the affairs of the corporation and the relationship between the shareholders. 

Conflicts and disagreements between shareholders commonly impede an otherwise successful business from achieving their goal.


We are ready to help guide you through even the most difficult times.

Please contact us with any questions you have.

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